Employee Referral Program

Tell your friends about Harmony and get rewarded … twice!

At Harmony, we believe in recognizing and rewarding excellence. We also believe that the best people know other amazing individuals who share our values and dedication to nurturing young minds.

Harmony’s Referral Program is now even better. Simply refer a friend or family member who would be a great fit for Harmony, and if they successfully complete their probationary period with us, you will be paid up to $1500*. PLUS, if they stay a further 6 months, you will receive another payment of equal value!!!

Referring employees will receive a referral payment at the completion of the candidate’s probationary period, which is no less than 6 months. PLUS, if the candidate stays a further 6 months, the referring employee will receive another payment of equal value!!!

POSITIONMy 1st Referral
(at Probation)
My Referral Total
(after further 6 months)
Centre Director$1500$3000
Educational Leader$1500$3000
Early Childhood Teacher$1500$3000
Leadership/Support Office$1500$3000
Lead Educator$1000$2000
Relationship Manager$500$1000
Centre Cook$500$1000
T&C’s Apply. Refer to Employee Referral Policy